Ramírez: HackatónBDV marks the beginning of Venezuela's digital transformation

Ramírez: HackatónBDV marks the beginning of Venezuela's digital transformation

July 6, 2021

Caracas, Jul 06 (Sunacrip News) .- The National Superintendent of Crypto Assets and Related Activities of Venezuela, Joselit Ramírez highlighted this Tuesday that the second edition of HackatónBDV "is the first exercise carried out worldwide between the fiduciary system and the system of crypto assets, becoming an unprecedented day for the country's digital transformation ”.

This was stated during his participation in the second edition of HackatónBDV, carried out as part of the activities organized within the framework of the celebration of the 12 years of nationalization of the Bank of Venezuela (BDV) in order to join efforts to expand products related to the cryptocurrencies.

Ramírez highlighted the boost that since 2017, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, has given to the digital transformation, strengthening it with the creation of the sovereign crypto asset El Petro, “because the second edition of HackatónBDV sets a standard and a point of starting in the digital transformation of Venezuela ”.

"Today for the first time in the world, under a public policy, there is a development between the fiduciary world, the digital world and crypto assets," said Ramírez while congratulating the mystic colleagues and the entire family of the Bank of Venezuela, while reiterating that "this will be the turning point for the transformation of public and private banking in Venezuela."

We have vast experience to continue strengthening the national crypto-assets system, beyond seeing an end point of the results of the products generated from the HackatónBDV, together with the products of the Banco de Venezuela software factory.

For his part, the president of the Bank of Venezuela, José Javier Morales, stressed that the Petro plays a fundamental role in the transformation of the country's economy, “we have believed in the Petro, we have complied with the instruction and accompanied the strategic vision of our President Nicolás Maduro and we have shown important results ”.

Morales specified that more than a million BDV clients have managed to open their PetroApp, through online banking, as well as transactions in Petro, so important things will come out of this HackathonBDV to continue building the Petro ecosystem and continue to strengthen the Venezuelan economy.