With the Petro Calculator you can do the conversion between currencies and also simple and advanced mathematical operations in an app with which you can convert crypto-crypto, crypto-fiat and fiat-crypto values.
Currently provides to you values for four (4) cryptocurrencies (Petro PTR, Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC and Dash) and five fiat currencies (Bolivars Bs, Euro EUR, Ruble RUB, Chinese Yuan CNY and United States Dollar USD).


Select the currency and the amount to convert. You will be able to do all the mathematical operations you want.

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Fiat values are daily updated at 7 a.m. (Venezuela time zone)- based on the values issued by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV)- and the crypto values are updated every minute.

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License: Free
Language: Spanish
Requirements: Requires Android 5.5 or later
Petro Calculadora APK
Petro is for everyone. It offers the safety and transparency you need for your transactions.