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Sunacrip and the Treasury of Cryptoassets make this simple purchasing process of Petros available for everyone, 34 currencies are accepted and the only requirement is having a PetroApp account. Our head office is at the headquarters of Sunacrip in Caracas, but we have 23 counters nationwide, in alliance with Bank of Venezuela
With the aim of provide a simple and universal payment method, two types of cards will be issued and they will be associated with your PetroApp account.
1. Digital card: it has a secure QR code associated with your PetroApp account and allows you to make payments at our point of sell or from PetroPago.
2. Physical card: combines NFC and QR technology to make payments at point of sell of Petro.
Petro ATMs are bidirectional buying and selling devices of cryptocurrencies (Petro, BTC) that will allow you to make transactions with USD and send your cryptos to the wallet of your choice.
Petro is for everyone. It offers the safety and transparency you need for your transactions.