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Logo PetroPago
Our integrated and omnichannel payment gateway offers to our clients a safe and fast adaptable interface, ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly customer experience, for a fast payment process in any device.
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Comisiones bajas
Low fees

Transactions fees from Petro Pago are very low.

Seguridad Blockchain
Blockchain Security

The platform offers security and transparency since it is based on Blockchain technology.

Para todas las personas
For Everyone

All natural persons, legal persons, communes and other organizational forms can perform operations.

Rapidez en transacciones
Fast Transactions

Very fast transactions from anywhere.

Fácil Acceso
Easy Access

Easy access for public and private institutions, for small and large businesses that sell goods and services.

APIs de Conciliación
Reconciliation APIs

Reconciliation APIs to integrate with your administrative apps.

Payment Channels

Payment Button

It is a fast, easy and secure way of processing payments with Petros and other cryptoassets on websites through any mobile device, tablet or PC. This solution is aimed at web solutions developers, integrators, entrepreneurs and shops interested in offering their products and services through a website with the capacity to perform online transactions, and also websites of procedures and services. Once installed the payment button on the client’s website, users could manage their payments in Petros and soon other cryptoassets.

Payment with the Payment Button step by step

Request Payment

For those businesses that have a physical store from the administrator of our payment gateway, you can request a payment from any client. Currently it only allows to request payments in Petro. This mode only allows two options to request payment: directly from PetroPago or generate a QR so that the buyer can scan it from the wallet of the buyer's preference.

Petropago coming soon

It is a lightweight payment app that allows users to pay for goods and services in a fast and secure way. In turn, shops and institutions can charge other PetroApp users, since it incorporates the price API making an internal conversion from Bolivars, Euros and Dollars to Petros. It also allows you to check the latest activities of the wallet.

Points of Sell (POS)

Devices with Android operating system will be able to charge in Petros quickly and easily, using validation methods (QR scanner, NFC, biometric). With the aim of reduce paper usage, your consumptions will be reported via email.
Petro is for everyone. It offers the safety and transparency you need for your transactions.